One of Thai customs is the "Wai" greeting gesture very similar to Namaste Indian. Used for hello, farewell, it appears different styles that all have the same meaning: normally a Thai made a "reverence" with hands like prayer gesture. 
Displays of affection in public are common between friends but very little between man and woman. Consequently, it is very rare to see couples kissing or holding hands. 
Touching someone's head or placing the foot at someone's head is considered rude. Indeed, Thai consider that the foot is dirty and gross body, while the head is a noble and elevated part. This has influenced the way to sit down Thai; the feet are arranged on the body side, somewhat hidden, avoiding to show them to others. Show or touch things with the foot is considered a vulgar action. 
It is thus considered extremel


The use also means that Thai take off their shoes before entering a house and cross the threshold without setting foot. 
Many Thai customs are related to the position of monks in society. They must not come into physical contact with a woman. For them make offerings, they place their donations directly into their bowl, their feet or on a cloth placed on a table or floor. In temples, the monks will sit on the highest platform.


High as in low season, the Thai police are always on the lookout for tourists offenders farangs or sowers of discord. 
The pump money runs continuously and you are checked in possession of marijuana, driving without helmet or alcohol (two years there has been some alcohol tests at Chalong circle) You will pass by the police station and then to the box nearest distributor or in jail ... 
In bars, in addition to frequent passages of uniformed policemen, one can observe the presence of civilians to rogue air. 
It is therefore recommended to avoid scandals and exuberant behavior, stand checked and follow the Thai customs.

As India and Muslim countries, Thai bathe tee shirt. No need to panic ladies, you can sunbathe topless without fears of most tourist beaches of Phuket, police still very lax compared to the law. It should be noted that last year some verbal trial had been prepared to Pattaya beach. In Thailand one can expect anything, so stay vigilant. 
Remember that Southern Thailand has a high proportion of Muslims. Remember that it is not advisable to walk around town in swimsuit.