The bad reputation of Thailand for prostitution is more to do ... 
Touts magazines in search of audience was arranged since the late eighties and is regularly pours us the same Judeo-Christian verse on sex tourism, pedophilia and shame of the West. 
This article is not intended to determine whether Thailand is the biggest brothel in Asia or not, but simply trying to better understand the phenomenon. 
You should know at first that prostitution in Thailand was institutionalized at the end of the seventeenth century by power, because of the income it provided. The sex industry has developed during the Korean War and Vietnam. At the time, American soldiers came to Pattaya for their rest period. Therefore, the industry has grown, a survey even revealed that prostitution accounted for 14% of GDP of Thailand between 1993 and 1995. It is also good to know that the demand of the local population is well above external demand. Thais spend much to satisfy their sexual desire, most regularly go to massage and do not go for karaoke singing ... Adventures in massage parlors have nothing to be ashamed and lose her virginity with a prostitute is a rite of passage for a young and frequenting brothels, a form of socialization. 
Thai indisputably their share of responsibility in the diffusion of prostitution on their soil. Sexuality in Thailand is something entertaining, Thai society has always accepted concubinage and prostitution. 
The government is doing nothing concrete to curb this phenomenon seen the income it generates. However enormous progress has been made concerning pedophilia. No one can say that it is eradicated, it is no longer practiced as in the years 70-80. Thanks to international pressure and internal campaigns to improve the image of Thailand, police raging and sanctions. Our pastors and other gugusses vatican have to behave themselves ... Unfortunately, if the pedophile networks fizzle in Thailand, they are finding new branches in neighboring countries, currently less looking the Thai authorities.


In Beer Bars : The majority of these girls work "on their own". They should stay every night until closing and thus to consume a maximum of people.These girls are so used to the bar where they work. If the drinks you consume are generally cheap, glass you will offer, called Lady's drink will be slightly overcharged. The girl will offer you a game or another, usually because the discussion is very limited... The girl sets its price for its relationship with the customer, this sum will return them to 100%. It is noteworthy that the girl is absolutely free to accept or not to go with its customer potential, and it is free to set its prices according to his desires. Thus the prices can vary greatly according to the people and the prevailing market conditions. Some say Up To You! which means "give what you want"... which does not mean that it's free. Note the "barfine" that must be paid for removing a girl before closing : It is a compensation which is paid to the owner of the bar, for the shortfall that will, with the momentary disappearance of his "employee". 
On the bar to the next destination of the thin bar may vary in some bars, all going into the pockets of the boss, in other part is paid to the girl, and in many bars these are gathered in pot and redistributed equally between the girls who have not had the chance to find "a boyfriend".

For those who travel to Thailand for the first time, you will be surprised at those so-called here the "katoyes" (transexuals in Thai). The third sex in Thailand is quite well tolerated by the local population. We can cross the course in prostitution in bars and discos or cabaret shows. Their beauty is sometimes disturbing...


Prostitution is a challenging environment, where money, drugs, and violence are intertwined. Many people, Thai and foreign victims each year of the crime to prostitution. For example, Thailand would be for the British, the country with the highest mortality rate for its nationals on vacation. Thus, some 224 British died during their stay because of prostitution between April 2005 and March 2006. 
AIDS is unfortunately widespread among prostitutes. According to association, nearly 3% of the Thai population suffers from HIV, about 2 million people. Uninformed, prostitutes with the virus back to their villages and contaminate their loved ones without even knowing it. Gonorrhea, gonorrhea, hepatitis, herpes, various fungi, Thailand is a veritable breeding ground given the constant flow of tourists landing on the planet to satisfy himself sexually.


Remember to remove your shoes before entering and in theory you should wear long pants and no sleeveless T-shirt ... but not this rule seems to belong to a bygone era. 
Several festivals are organized in the year, fairgrounds, market orchids opportunities to participate in many local carnival games, attend a typical show of Thailand and snacking excellent culinary specialties. 
The temple you can see the inevitable big Buddha perched on a hill. 
It's best to get there early in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the best lights and avoid the rush and the dodger.